Considering oral treatment in young children with special wellness treatment requires

Preventive oral wellbeing solutions are a cornerstone of a little one acquiring excellent oral health. On the other hand, as with other wellness companies, these preventive services may need excess treatment for little ones with particular overall health care desires. A report in Pediatrics appeared into the prevalence or oral wellness concerns as well as obtaining preventive oral health treatment.1

The investigators utilised pooled knowledge from the 2016-2018 National Survey of Children’s Well being. The sample involved 23,099 children with specific well being treatment needs and 75,612 children who did not have unique overall health care requirements. Caregivers were being asked about toothaches, bleeding gums, delayed teeth, cavities, and good or lousy enamel conditions. Preventive dental visits, cleanings, tooth brushing as nicely as oral overall health treatment instructions, fluoride, and sealants ended up described as preventive oral health providers.

When wanting at the past yr, investigators discovered that a greater proportion of small children with exclusive wellness care demands than those with no specific requires had gained preventive dental care (84% vs 78%, P < .0001). An analysis of specific preventive services showed similar patterns. However, there were higher rates of oral health problems seen in children with special health care needs than their peers with no needs. Decayed teeth and cavities occurred in 16% of children with special health care needs and only 11% in their peers. Through an adjusted analysis, investigators found that several factors had a significant link to a decreased prevalence of receiving preventive oral services in a subset of children with special health care needs, which included lower household education, non-English language, younger or older age, and worse condition of teeth, and lack of health insurance, lack of a medical home.

The investigators concluded that although children with special health care needs receive a higher rate of preventive oral health services than their peers without those needs, they also have worse oral health status. Making sure that appropriate use of preventive oral services is important to reducing oral health problems in children with special health care needs.


1. Lebrun-Harris L, Canto M, Vodicka P, Mann M, Kinsman S. Oral health among children and youth with special health care needs. Pediatrics. July 21, 2021. Epub ahead of print. doi:10.1542/peds.2020-025700