Ree Drummond Reveals the 4 Factors She Did to Drop 48 Lbs . in 8 Months

Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Female, has dropped an remarkable 48 lbs . considering the fact that January, transforming her human body and her partnership with food items alongside the way. On the other hand, with cooking—and eating—being essential elements of her livelihood, adhering to a restrictive diet plan wasn’t possible for the star. Instead, she followed four very simple techniques that assisted her shed the lbs . and continue to keep them off.

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To reduce the weight, Drummond made guaranteed she was counting calories and watching her portion dimensions.

Nevertheless, in a new TikTok, Drummond revealed that she had utilised no distinctive foods, nor had she incorporated intermittent fasting into her program. “These issues do the job for a whole lot of people, but they just stopped operating for me just after a even though.”


Although Drummond admitted that she didn’t adhere to a keto or paleo plan to drop the bodyweight, she did significantly enhance the amount of protein she ate.

To do so, the star unveiled that she bumped up her each day protein ingestion to account for close to 35% of her everyday calories.

Set of dumbbells

Drummond found a form of exercise she enjoyed and caught to it. “I made use of the rowing device possibly five times a week,” she spelled out.

To build muscle, she also did a blend of lunges, squats, straight leg deadlifts, and upper human body workout routines applying hand weights. “I sense sooo significantly more powerful,” she added.

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lower legs and boots of a woman walking a basset hound puppy on grass
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To make certain that her bodyweight loss was sustainable, Drummond not only prioritized exercise sessions, but raising her activity level on the whole.

“I went on prolonged walks with my pet dogs,” she described. “I didn’t assume to truly feel this superior at 52, but I’m loving it!”

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